why was Kurama so desperate to destroy Konoha?

even after getting free from Obito’s Jutsu that controlled him, Kurama didn’t showed any wager against the Konoha and continued his rampage!

Why did Kurama try to destroy even though Minato removed him from Tobi (Obito’s) control?

Kurama was extracted from its Jinchuriki Kushina Uzumaki by Tobi after Naruto was born. Tobi tried to destroy the Hidden Leaf Village through Kurama by controlling him. Minato saved the situation like always. Minato had a fight with Tobi and defeated him.

By defeating Tobi, Minato removed Kurama from Tobi’s control. But still, Kurama tried to destroy Konoha. Because he was angry that people imprisoned him years in Jinchuriki’s.

Minato tried to seal half of Kurama in him and half in his newborn child, Kurama.Naruto. While he was sealing Kurama saw it and got angry to see them sealing and making imprisoned again.

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