Tokyo Ghoul season 3 release date plus episodes release date charts


yes, it really is finally here! and so here we go!

season 3 have 12 episodes

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 release date

Series number Release Date
1 November 16, 2017
2 November 23, 2017
3 November 30, 2017
4 December 7, 2017
5 December 14, 2017
6 December 21, 2017
7 December 29, 2017
8 January 5, 2018
9 January 12, 2018
10 January 19, 2018
11 January 26, 2018
12 February 2, 2018


I’m quite happy that it is finally here and we have the list!

BUT, this information is not totally official but it was released by release date hub

and I’m sure this comes true! I’m actually more happy that it have an episode released on 30t November my birthday  ^~^

I guess that’s it for now and congratulations!

stay tuned on OtakuCreed and check out why Tokyo Ghoul Anime is Different from manga ? – Answer

source: releasedatehub

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