Why is Tokyo Ghoul anime different from Manga?

Well Team OtakuCreed is working on this from a long time and we got a request from a fan with a name of DeD_Mettaliczard though he asked us this and wanted us to tell that why Tokyo Ghoul manga is totally different from anime, I thought that it is a good question and it is worth making a post about this. Read everything carefully if you want to know about this clearly.

Question Stands “why??”

Do not worry visitor we won’t take                                                                                        much of your time

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Anime And Manga Story plots are Different!

well yes, they are different, I guess the one who is the latest chapter of Tokyo Ghoul: re and started and completed the both seasons of the anime would have known that. there are many parts where the anime had a changed story plot than the manga but they ended up with same story end. now here is the part which was changed

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