Hey everyone , welcome back to otakucreed , Today I’ll be giving my theory on the current hot ongoing topic ” Who is Kawaki ?- the one who possibly who defeated Naruto . Just a theory nothing is confirmed about him yet , so don’t judge by being negative or hateful towards it.

boruto vs kawaki
boruto vs kawaki

Kawaki’s appearance –

As we know , Boruto episode 1 kicks off with the “Unknown” Guy fighting Boruto on the great hokage face , with Konoha completely destroyed . Kawaki says that The Shinobi era is over which could mean that he possibly killed many Shinobi or he will soon. He also said ” I’ll send you where i sent the 7th ” , Yes ! He meant Naruto , which is shocking . Boruto said he is still a shinobi .

Boruto's pic

Later on , the flashbacks begin . Boruto possess a doujutsu , which could see a different dimension in their battle against Nue which was summoned by Sumire . However, nothing is sure about his eye.

Boruto's dojutsu

In Manga,

After The five kage , Sasuke and Boruto managed to Defeat Momoshiki and Kinshiki Otsusuki , Boruto communicates with Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki’s dying spirit , which is not the part of Boruto : The movie. As Momoshiki explaines, it was because he possess the blood of a Byakugan wielder.

Bourto chapter 15 introduces ” KARA ” a mysterious organization , who got Konoha at their sight. They also seem to know about marks that Both Boruto and Kawaki shown to possess in first episode . This mean that Kawaki also possibly killed an Otsusuki which is shocking since Otsusuki is the strongest clan in whole Narutoverse . This also relates to the fact that Kawaki could go toe to toe with Naruto and possibly emerge victorious . So, all we can do is wait and see how things roll out. I’ll be keeping you guys updated up on here .

Kara organistaion

So , my theory is , He is related to Kara . Even the Kara members could possibly have marks . The only thing that is weird is Boruto says” I didnt think you’d go this far ” which can mean Boruto knows about him from some time , Which will be interesting to see.

That’s it for today guys , I hope you enjoy the article as always.

Don’t forget to let me know what your guys thoughts are on Kawaki in the comments section. See ya next time .


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