Hey everyone , Welcome back to OtakuCreed. Today , I’ll be doing a statistical battle between two of the strongest Uchihas , Madara and Sasuke.

As we know , Madara never fought Sasuke when he was alive. We only saw them fight during the Fourth Great Ninja War and Madara was reanimated in it by Kabuto . So , who is stronger ? I’ll be comparing them on basis of their powers.

Individual powers –


Madara –

  1. Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan , Rinnegan
  2. Perfect Susanoo
  3. Multiple Nature Releases – Fire, wind , lightning , earth ,water , storm. He had more but in edo tensei form , which i am neglecting here. He was a sensory type.

Sasuke –

  1. Eternal mangekyo sharingan ,Rinnegan
  2. Perfect Susanoo
  3. Nature releases – Lightning , fire , wind , earth , water , yin
sasuke pic


Visual Prowess -We know Sasuke’s EMS ( Eternal mangekyo sharingan ) allows him to use Itachi’s powers that were Totsuka blade and Yata mirror. On the other hand , Madara’s Ems powers were not shown much . Madara’s rinnegan created ” limbo ” during the 4th ninja war. On the other hand , Sasuke could teleport at smaller distances with his eye . Later , he could go through dimensions as shown in Boruto series .

Also , they both are reincarnates of Indra Otsusuki. So they possessed his chakra. Moving forward , Madara was hailed as the strongest after Hashirama , the 1st Hokage . On the other hand , Naruto surpassed every hokage , because of his powers which he got during 4th ninja war. Sasuke and Naruto battled at the end of war , where they both lost an arm. This hints Sasuke is on par with Naruto .

Although even if we never saw a battle between Sasuke and Madara , Sasuke outshines Madara with his prowess. Things could be different if it were to compare Ten Tails mode Madara and Sasuke but that is the topic for some other day.

Winner- Sasuke

That’s it for today , I hope you all enjoy this article . Do not forget to let me know what you guys think about the article in the comments section.  I am happy for every kind of opinion you guys give .

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