In the latest Boruto Anime Episode 24 : Boruto and Sarada starting with Naruto taking care of the last living tree since the Third Great Ninja. The we can see the Five kages arriving in Konoha for the Five Kage Summit. In the summit the kages were talking about something very important

 In a closed meeting, Naruto informs the other Kage on recent events, and the presence of other dimensions in them. He tells them that Kaguya created White Zetsu before the war, in preparation for a great enemy. The other Kage worry about when the next enemy will come, concerned about the lack of fighting skill in the next generation. Gaara says that has always been a concern, and that new generations rise up.He also told the kages he’s afraid some beings stronger than Kaguya will appear soon.

The QUESTION is whom did Naruto meant by Stronger being than Kaguya?This episode can be considered an adaptation of the Naruto chapter 700, although most of the events drastically differ from the events in the chapter and only few of them were adapted closely to the manga, including the Five Kage Summit in Konoha, Boruto inviting Shikadai and Inojin to his new prank, Boruto’s successful vandalism on the Hokage Rock and Moegi informing Naruto about his son’s antics.

So we can be sure that we’ll be seeing the plot scenes from Boruto Movie soon. Which gives us a clue about whom Naruto was talking about. It can probably be Kinshiki and Momoshiki Otsutsuki. Because we have seen these two appearing in Boruto Movie.

Momoshiki and his father Kinshiki, originate from an unknown dimension, which has a God Tree, whose power supply has been depleted. Like Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, they also wanted to recollect all chakra into a new Chakra fruit, only to create medicine that could sustain their godlike power, youth, and longevity. Fearful of their arrival, Kaguya created the White Zetsu Army in order to fend off against them should they ever attempt to steal her chakra.

So it’s quite obvious that Naruto was talking about them and we’ll be seeing them soon in the upcoming Boruto Anime episodes!

Moreover in Boruto anime episode 24 we have seen a good fight between Boruto and Sarada. We have also seen Sarada practicing to master the Sharingan.





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