Naruto is almost everyone’s favorite character

and after the recent rumors in the air, a question arises!

Is Naruto Dead!!!? 

The most asked question by all the Naruto fans after seeing the first episode of Boruto The Next Generation!

We are here to get you the answer!

In the beginning of Boruto anime, we can see the hidden leaf village totally destroyed and Boruto was fighting Kawaki, who are taking the place of Sasuke on being on the dark side. Kawaki, in the beginning, told Boruto that he will send him to “meet the Seventh”, most likely referring the 7th Hokage, Naruto. Also, Boruto during that chapter had already awakened the Byakugan on his right eye.

After seeing that we can think that either Naruto is death or trapped and kawaki want Boruto to go there too.

So everyone’s been thinking Naruto is Dead! The Answer is

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