It’s been a long journey for Natsu and the rest of the Fairy Tail crew! With a whopping 60 million copies in print, the hugely successful manga by Mashima Hiro has finally come to an end. It’s clearly time for the guild to have a break, so they’ve headed to the beach for a much needed Fairy Tailcollab cafe!Image result for fairy tail cafe

This beach house-inspired cafe will be running in Tokyo and Osaka until Sept. 10, so come on down to relax and share some summer fun with Team Natsu!

In addition to all the fun visuals he’s drawn just for the cafe, look out for this Natsu illustration signed by Mashima for the cafe!

In fact, he’s left a number of great illustrations and signatures around the cafe, so if you don’t want to miss out on seeing them in person be sure to book at their website! Reserving a spot will also score you a cool little fan to ward off the summer heat.Image result for fairy tail cafe

When visiting, all the excitement is naturally going to make you feel hungry – so chow down on some awesome Fairy Tail food!

One option is Natsu’s BBQ skewers, also featuring a rather large Happy! These chicken skewers are roasted to perfection by the roar of the Fire Dragon, naturally.


For dessert, Wendy says hello from this adorably sweet dish. How can you say no to a fluffy French toast heart with a generous serving of fruit and cream?

If you need something to wash it all down, Team Natsu’s got you. Natsu, Lucy, Erza, Gray and Wendy are here to fight your thirst with a bottle of delicious Ramune!

In addition to the reservation bonus, all guests receive a luncheon mat, as well as a coaster for those who have ordered a drink (both chosen at random)!

Image result for fairy tail cafe

With the meal over, it’s time to say goodbye to the crew. However, this quality time with the guild is a memory you won’t want to forget, so take a piece of the cafe home with you!

Can’t get enough of the Fairy Tail goodness? Check out our full album below! And if you’re in Tokyo or Osaka, don’t miss out on seeing many more awesome decorations, dishes and goods at Team Natsu’s beach house!

Fairy Tail Cafe Tokyo
Until Sept. 10 (reservations until Sept. 7, 23:59)
Location: VANDALISM Shibuya, Ota Building B1F, 26-9 Udagawa, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0042
Hours: 11:00 am−9:20 pm
*Reservations can only be made for 80 min. time periods, 3 days prior to visiting

Fairy Tail Cafe Osaka
Location: CAFE THE PARK, 1-6-16 HIgashinodamachi, Miyakojima, Osaka, Osaka 534-0024
Hours: 11:00 am−9:20 pm
*Reservations can only be made for 80 min. time periods, 3 days prior to visiting

(c)Hiro Mashima・KODANSHA/FAIRY TAIL DC Movie Committee.All Rights Reserved.

photography by Takemori S.


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