As you may know of the technique developed by Master Roshi, even back before the pre Dragon Ball Days, The KAMEHAMEHA! It’s the signature move of the main protagonist in the series and is used by many characters aswell, this is mainly because its devastatingly powerful and doesn’t require much KI to be used. This is because it’s power can be varied and so does the KI, evidenced when KID GOKU used this for the very first time, subconsciously as he didn’t even know of what is KI a.k.a Spiritual energy.

With that out of the way, lets get to the main thing. Different variants of this technique exist as mostly because every user has a unique way to use it, depending on them.

Now note that it won’t contain all the versions of it as some of them are uselessly relevant, okay? xD


  1. The Original KAMEHAMEHA


The first Kamehameha used in the series and the original technique developed and honed by Master Roshi. It involves the user performing wide sweeping arm movements before cupping their hands together. Takes us to the Dragon Ball days, pretty Nostalgic huh? :’)

2. Kamehameha

A go to for Goku and the others with proper ki control, isn’t very time consuming as it doesn’t require difficult postures like Roshi did to perform. Strength can be varied by using KaioKen or even perhaps Super Saiyan or God Ki.



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