Superhero costumes really help distinguish heroes from each other. Some are quite plain while others are quite risqué. But, My Hero Academia Season 2 shows us some costumes are racy because they need to be.

It’s finals exams time at U.A. High School our student heroes are vigorously studying. But, in between study sessions some of the students enjoy watching TV. And one program they watch is discussions about current events. The topic: whether or not female superhero outfits need to be sexy.

It’s funny to think in a world where superheroes exist the question of proper dress is still brought up—especially when it comes to the costumes of female heroes. Yes, some of the outfits are flashy and some very risqué. But, it’s not as though every female superhero chooses a salacious costume for the attention. In fact some of them need a revealing outfit in order for their powers to be at their full potential. It’s not something we really consider because we tend to think a hero doesn’t need to expose their skin in order for their powers to work. Yet, with the series taking a small look at the subject, it really makes you wonder about the importance of superhero outfits.

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Consider the fictional TV show we see in the latest episode of the series. What we see is female heroes arguing about a certain necessity for their costumes to be “sexy.” For instance, the hero-turned-teacher, Midnight, says in order for her powers to work her skin needs to be exposed. We’ve rarely seen her use her powers, but they have something to do with her body producing an air-born sleeping agent. But, if she has to cover up a fair portion of her body, leaving her powers ineffective, could she really be called a hero? It’s a fascinating thought because it calls into question the implications of superheroes who can’t use their powers because of their clothes. So, Midnight is exposing the truth as to why there was a necessity for her outfit to be as revealing as it was in the past.

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But, the argument for skimpy female hero attire even seeps down to the one students at U.A. High School: the female character Momo Yaoyorozu. Her powers are creating inorganic objects from her body. This means her hero costume has to be very sparse or else it becomes difficult for her to be an effective hero. We’ve seen examples of this through the series, such as when a group of villains attacks U.A. High School in the first season and during the sports festival earlier this season. During the attack we see Momo create a blanket that doesn’t conduct electricity. The result is her outfit becomes undone. In the same vein, during the sports festival we see her essentially remove her jersey so she can effectively compete. It’s a true visualization of how Momo’s clothes become an impediment for her powers. Thus, resulting in her having to use a costume that extremely skimpy and revealing.

Image source: 僕のヒーローアカデミア_アニメ公式 on Twitter

The interesting thing, though, is without even hearing the rebuke in the series we can imagine what the counter argument is: Think about the children and the morality. But, when we’re talking about a job that entails saving lives any hindrance to a superheroes power could be considered a dereliction of duty. Going back to the villains attack on U.A. High School, if Momo had been fully covered it’s safe to say she wouldn’t have been able to escape the situation as easily because she’d have to remove more articles of clothing. The same can be said with Midnight. If she’s in a life or death situation in which her powers would be useful, taking time to remove clothes means a person could die. So, the question isn’t about morals or children, but rather are the clothes impeding a hero’s duty.

And sometimes that means female hero needs to wear “sexy” costumes.

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