Anime movies are sure doing well nowadays and as you can see it attracts more fans towards anime comparing with anime serials. today here we are giving you short recommendations of some Anime Movies.

From the story of a boy who struggled to make friends to someone who grew without parents. Or even traveling through time or be it finding your counterpart. Anime has it all!

Here is a list of anime movies worth watching for some quality time/-
1. Koe no Katachi (A silent voice)

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IMDB- 8.4/10

What can just one say. It’s the best anime movie out there. Right in the feels. It’s just bound to make you cry and the plot twist is just awesome. Thus, it is on the top of the list. Personally, i prefer it over Kimi no Na wa because the story is more touching in this case plus more meaningful. I mean like this story will touch your heart for sure and for some people it might help them to find the solutions they are looking for.
2. Kimi no na wa (Your Name)

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IMDB- 8.6/10

Being credited as one of the best anime movies of 2016. It doesn’t fail to amuse me. Filled with action, comedy, romance, adventure and what not ?! Definitely worth a watch.
2. Toki Wo Kakeru Shoujo (A girl who leapt through time)

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IMDB- 7.8/10

Personally, this movie deserved more credit. Released in 2006, it’s quite old compared to the present but the animation is on the good side. Plus the story is very touching, ignoring the repeated scenes as per the storyline. Indeed an Old Jewel if one ask’s me.


These are my recommendations for you and soon I will be giving you more of it soon and I hope you will love then as I have recommended them to you personally.



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