(1) Hashirama Senju was the first leaf shinobi that Kakuzu faced and was the first opponent that defeated him while on a mission and it was the first assassination mission that he failed.

(2) Kakuzu was the oldest shinobi alive during the Akatsuki Arc. He was also the second oldest member of the Akatsuki.


(3) Kakuzu was the richest shinobi in the shinobi world and also the richest Akatsuki Member.


(4) His hobby was reading old and especially rare books.

(5) Kakuzu’s thread body structure granted him near Immortality but he never believed it.


(6) Kakuzu was the second swiftest member of the Akatsuki.

(7) Kakuzu and Hidan hated wearing shirts.

(8) Kakuzu believes that money is the only dependable thing in the world.


(9) Out of all the Akatsuki duos Hidan and Kakuzu showed the most animosity between each other as they both hated what the other believed.

(10) Despite his obsessive personality and violent rages, Kakuzu was cautious and never rushed mindlessly into battle. Also, he actually preferred carrying out orders.

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