Everyone knows Minato Namikaze.The Yellow Flash of Konoha and The 4th Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village.Here are some facts, He is one of the greatest shinobi and the father of the 7th Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki.You got to admit he’s one hell of a Badass Shinobi! You may know many things about him, you may not know everything! these might not be the best of facts but I promise that you might not be knowing all of them. stay tuned for our more upcoming articles and news we will give you.

So Here are 10 Facts about Minato You should Know! 

1. He was born on 25th January. having the Aquarius Zodiac, he was really strong willed.Image result for minato namikaze

2. Enemies in Third World War were giving orders to retreat when they see him because it’s impossible for them to beat him.  from which village you ask? it was given to every village but in the anime, it was shown by hidden rock and hidden sound and tsuchikage himself that the whole regiment of shinobi was defeated by Minato Namikaze AKA the yellow flash. The yellow flash alone.

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3.  His Name has a Beautiful Meaning. “Harbour waves” No wonder I really like his name 

Image result for minato namikaze name meaning


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