(1) Hidan had the greatest healing ability in Naruto Shippuden. 

(2) In the whole anime Hidan wore a shirt only once. 

(3) Hidan loved his Immortality and hated death.

(4) Hidan’s hobby was killing people as a sacrifice for Jashin. 

(5) Hidan had the best wielding skill among the Akatsuki Members. 

(6) Among the Akatsuki Members Hidan was the least intelligent one. 

(7) Hidan’s curse form resembles a Shinigami.

(8) Hidan was the slowest attacker in the Akatsuki. 

(9) Hidan was the only Akatsuki Member who fought without any strategy or plan beforehand because of his Immortality. 

(10) Hidan mainly joined Akatsuki because he took a interest in Kakuzu who was a pioneer in Immortality.


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