10 Facts about Sasori of the Red Sand!

we all know that Sasori mastered the puppets and he was not so good with close combat in spite being the shortest of all of Akatsuki members he was older then Deidara. we have some facts that will truly reveal that who Sasori really was, I hope you will enjoy this article and share it among your circle to spread the Naruto/Boruto knowledge.

Here Are some Mind Blowing Facts about Sasori, The Puppetmaster


1. Out of Sasori’s 100 puppets, Two of them had the Sharingan. They were most likely rogue  Uchiha’s before their death by the hands of Sasori.Related image

2. Sasori had one of the longest battle time in the Naruto anime – spanning approximately 8 episodes giving him roughly about 3 hours of battle time.Image result for sasori

3. Sasori became a Chünin at the age of 8.

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